Ecological Sustainability

At the same time of industrial development, it is CT's long-term plan to make sustainable use of environmental resources without destroying the entire ecology. Therefore, creating green economy has become a primary goal for the sustainable ecological development.

Taiwan Strait is one of the best offshore wind farms in the world. The land and sea of the western coastal areas are all very good wind farms. Under active assessment, overseas business and steel structure will be further expanded in accordance with CT's financial structure and production management. Furthermore, we are also considering about transferring some of our investment to the offshore wind farm, hoping that one day, it will become an integral part of the green energy industry chain.

Under the implementation of the "Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Incentive Program" of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Century Steel has co-sponsored with Taiwan Generations Corporation and CSBS Corporation to actively expand the offshore wind power industry. Overseas plant at Myanmar was also established to provide make-to- order production and offshore wind power-based steel structure, hoping to achieve an ideal living environment of "non-nuclear homeland" in 2025.