R & D Advantages - Equipment and Machineries

With huge factory capacity comes great integration capabilities.

Established ever since 28 years ago, Century Iron and Steel Industrial Co. Ltd has an absolute advantage for its large-scaled factory area, with Taoyuan Plant and Yunlin Plant taking up an area of more than 20,000 pings. However, CT's greatest advantage lies in its great capabilities of vertical integration and fast responsiveness. Whether it is the acquisition of steel material, welding, cutting, or composition, CT has the greatest capability to integrate it all. After the factories in Central Taiwan and Southern Taiwan was completed, the production capacity also increased accordingly.        


The key to the rapid growth of Century Iron & Steel Industrial Corporation is the steel structural project of the 8-inch semiconductor fabrication plant as entrusted by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in 1994. Due to the strict requirements of the high-tech company in terms of high technical threshold and short working hours, even the Japanese steel structure factories at that time hesitated to take a step forwards. Nonetheless, based on the principal of good faith, CT has completed the steel structural project on time, transforming TSMC into the head of semi-conductor industry within a short period of time. Hence, CT has become the first choice for the electronic firms to have their factories built.

After the devastating 921 earthquake broke out in 1999, vibration absorption has become a major consideration for all the architectural design in Taiwan, while customer demands for steel structure have also grown significantly. Since all the steel structures are completely assembled at the CT factory, there is no need for the re-assembly at the construction site, which has helped reduce overall construction period greatly. In recent years, we have also been actively seeking for the business opportunities related to offshore wind power industry. Our goal is to become a part of the green power industry.

◆Production Equipment and Machinery

NoEquipment TitleUnitFunctionNote
1Gantry Cutting MachineSetSteel Welding & Steel Cutting
2Shape Cutting MachineSetSteel Cutting (Irregular Shape)
3H-Beam Cutting MachineSet

H-Beam & Square Tube Cutting

4Indoor SandblasterSet

Sandblasting and Rust Removing

5H-Beam Assembly MachineSetH-Beam Assembly
6H-beam Hydraulic Straightening EquipmentSetH-Beam Straightening
7Submerged Arc Welding MachineSetH-Beam Welding
8CNC Three Axis Drilling MachineSetH-Beam Drilling
9Automatic CO2 Welding MachineSetWelding
10AC Arc Welding Machine (800A)SetWelding
11AC Arc Welding Machine (500A)SetWelding
12AC Arc Welding Machine (300A)SetWelding
13Computer-Assisted Drafting and Design MachinePackageConstruction Drawing Drafting
14Electrode Welding Rod OvenSetWelding Rod Drying
15Electroslag Welding MachineSetElectroslag welding

16Arc Welder GunSetArc Welding

Portable Sandblaster

/ Air Compressor

1823M*48M Sandblasting Room
RoomSurface Processing
19Forklift TruckSetMaterial Carrying
2020-Tonnage Overhead CraneSetMaterial Carrying
2110-Tonnage Overhead CraneSetMaterial Carrying
227.5-Tonnage Overhead CraneSetMaterial Carrying

Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine


SetMaterial Carrying
24End Milling MachineSetEnd Milling
25Electricity Distribution StationPackageElectricity Distribution
2650HP Air CompressorSetAir Compression
27100HP Air CompressorSetAir Compression
2845°H-Beam Gantry Submerged Arc Welding MachineSetH-Beam Processing
29Hydraulic Shearing MachineSetSteel Plate Cutting
30Radial Drilling MachineSetMinor Part Processing
31Mobile Cutting MachineSetSmall Part Cutting
32Hydraulic Press BrakeSetSteel Plate Bending
333 Roll Bending Machine(FACCIN s.r.l)SetSteel Plate Rolling (150m/mT)(Wind Power)
34MV6040 Straight Seam Welding MachineSetCircular Tube Welding(Wind Power)
3520T Straight Seam Turning RollsSetCircular Tube Welding(Wind Power)
36MV6065 Circular Seam Welding MachineSetCircular Tube Welding(Wind Power)
37200T Self Aligning Tank Turning RollersSetCircular Tube Welding(Wind Power)
38200T Automatic Tank Turning RollersSetCircular Tube Welding(Wind Power)
39120T Self Aligning Tank Turning RollersSetCircular Tube Welding(Wind Power)
40120T Automatic Tank Turning RollersSetCircular Tube Welding(Wind Power)
41200T Adjustable Tank Turning RollersSetCircular Tube Welding(Wind Power)

◆Construction Site Machinery

1Tower Crane (Fixed Crane)setCTL430-24 HD23TEREX COMEDIL
2Tower Crane (Fixed Crane)setSTL720-50TYongmao Jianji
3TheodolitepackageTOPCON GTS-233NTOPCON
4Laser Line LevelsetAL-F32FUKUDA
5Crane TrucksetLtm 1400Liebherr
8Electrical Power Generatorset10KVA/DGW300MSHINDAIWA
9Cross Line LasersetRY-610RGIP(Taiwan)
10Cross Line LasersetPL-52GIP(Taiwan)
11Inverter DC Welding Machineset300A ZX7-300CELIMO
12Electric Winding Machine 220KGset35UPCOMEUP
13Precise Levelset0.02㎜/1MRSK
14laser distance measuring devicepieceGLM150 3-601-K72-000BOSCH
15Torque WrenchpieceKING TONY 1/2*50-350WKING TONY
16Torque WrenchpieceKANON N14000TMKKANON
17Torque WrenchpieceKANON 10000QLKKANON