Production Process Inspection Equipment

In terms of product and technology, our company's business mainly focuses on high-rise building and factory office, each with different completion cycle. In general, it takes 2 years to complete a high-rise building and 1 year to complete a factory office.                

1. Production inspection process:


2. Important Raw Materials and Related Suppliers

The main raw materials of the products include steel plate and H-beam, among which the main suppliers of steel plate are China Steel Corporation, Hsin Kuang Steel Corporation, Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation, Yangji Steel Corporation, and Dragon Steel Corporation, while the main suppliers of H-beam are Yingfa Hardware, Chenggang Industrial, Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation, and Dragon Steel Corporation. In general, we do not adopt the raw material inventory model, but opt for the raw material ordering model instead.       


3. Production Condition and Production Capacity

With a total of three production plants (Guanyin Plant, Yunlin Plant, and Taipei Port), CT has an annual production capacity of 100,000 metric tons for the steel structure (high-rise building, industrial factory office, public works, and other steel structures). In terms of overseas market, a new factory is currently set up in Myanmar.

◆Product Quality Measuring Instrument

1Universal Testing Machine (UTM)50 metric tonsCHUN YENset
2Infrared ThermometerST660SENTRYset
3Ultrasound Flaw Detector
4Magnetic Flaw DetectorNS-1MAGNA FLUXset
5Radiation DetectorG TYPEM/N/900set
6Surface Roughness Comparator
Made in Japanset
7Cross Section Comparator
Made in Japanslice
9Angle GageNCK495CALIPERpiece
11Depth Gage
12Welding Measuring Gauge
13Vernier Caliper300mmMITUTOYOpiece
14Feeler Gauge0-15mmE.Kpiece
15Steel Tape Measure50MYANMAYOpiece