Business Strategies

Century Iron and Steel Industrial Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "CT") is the most common type of business that is started completely from scratch. However, by virtue of the spirit of Taiwanese Canine, the business has overcome several obstacles resulted from the economic crisis. To achieve the ultimate perfection in a market full of fierce competition, we have devoted great amount of time and effort to make up for the lack of aptitude and shown great resolution to make up for the lack of physical strength. Such diligence and perseverance to strive for perfection have become the greatest soft power of the Century Iron and Steel Industrial Co., Ltd.

Each member of the CT engineering groups is required to learn from the most basic skills of steel processing and crane loading. By devoting great amount of time and effort day by day, we have gradually established the most complete technology, the most reliable product quality, and the best working attitude. We expect ourselves to exceed our customer’s expectation and provide them with high value-added technology.

Steel structure is an important part of the construction of green building, which plays an indispensable role in the sustainable development of all resources on Earth. In response to several earthquake disasters reported from the global community, steel architecture with high toughness, strength features, and energy efficiency will soon Chairman's Office ISO Committee Supervisor Audit Office Legal Affairs Office Shareholders Meeting Board of Directors Chairman General Manager Factory Director Occupational Safety and Health Office Constructio n Business Department Overseas Business Department Wind- power Business Department Purchasing Department Quality Control Department Engineering Department Management Department Bussiness Department Financial Department Taoyuan Plant Design Department; R& D Warehouse Department Repair & Maint enance Sector Production Management Depart ment Yunlin Plant Construction Sector Engineering Sector General Administrative Sector Hu man Resource Sect or Information Room Outs ourcing Sector Estimati on Sect or Business Sect or Cost Accounting Sect or Financial Sect or Transport Sect or Man ufacturing Sect or Plant Affairs Sector Manufact uring Sect or Plant Affairs Sector become a mainstream for all architectures in the 21st century.

We have only one faith: CT’s products must withstand the most difficult test, CT’s service must exceed the customer's expectation, and CT’s reputation must be maintained throughout the century.