Basic Information

First established on October 9th, 1987, Century Iron and Steel Industrial Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "CT") is one of the greatest manufacturers of the domestic steel structures and become the first and only listed company in the stock market in this field. Headquartered in Guanyin District of Taoyuan City, CT is specialized in the manufacturing of steel structure. Faced with large-scale development in public works and science & technology factories over the years, customer's demands for column spacing, span, and height are increasingly expanding, while the entire construction period is required to be shortened to a level as low as it can be. For this, the advantages of steel structure can be fully optimized to expand the overall scope of applications.

On the “New Southern Policy”, CT sets up the “Myanmar Century Steel Structure Co. Ltd.” which becomes the first steel structure company to invest in a joint venture in Myanmar. The first phase of the plant currently has been completed and has begun to undertake the local projects of the steel structure plants from Taiwan and other regions.

On the “Renewable Energy – Offshore Wind Power Project”, the offshore wind power generation is one of the core projects of our government’s renewable energy policy, to replace the nuclear energy and use the natural resources to create an extension of the concept of sustainable energy. CT has been working with CSBC in July, 2004 to install the first Marine Meteorological Tower in Fuhai, Changhua, Taiwan. CT is involved in planning and manufacturing project and is the only manufacturers with experience in wind power underwater infrastructure locally in Taiwan and is also the industry's first response to government policy, one of the pioneers of private enterprises. In the domestic lack of the corresponding supporting underwater infrastructure manufacturers on the occasion, Mr. Lai, Wen-Hsiang, chairman of CT insists the concept that manufacturing must be domestic produced in Taiwan; shall not rely on the import and to decide to establish the “Century Wind Power Co., Ltd.”

In addition to the quality has been insisted on the implementation more than 20 years of ISO 9001 international comprehensive quality assurance certification. CT has completed upgrading the ISO 9001:2015 edition correction in 2017, in order to improve the comprehensive quality and meet the highest quality specifications for welding requirements of Europe, CT now carries out ISO 3834-2:2005 and EN ISO 1090-1:2009/EN ISO 1090-2:2008. To be responsible for global environmental protection; CT promotes the ISO 14001:2015. To protect the safety and health of employees; CT promotes the OHSAS 18001:007(currently prepare to upgrade to the ISO 45001:2016), with international standards to protect the environment, to ensure the safety of each employee's life and make our products with world-class quality to serve customers at home and abroad. These certifications are the best guarantee for CT’s commitment to each customer.

We have only one faith: CT’s products must withstand the most difficult test, CT’s service must exceed the customer's expectation, and CT’s reputation must be maintained throughout the century.

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