Supplier Management

The Company has established a supplier management policy and requires suppliers to comply with relevant regulations on environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and labors' rights. Meanwhile, it ensures that the supply capacity, quality standards and products provided must comply with safety and health related laws and regulations in order to meet the company's needs.

Century Iron and Steel Industrial continues to take action to take action to address the issue of "conflict minerals". In support, the company purchases "conflict-free" raw materials and pledges that all products and their packaging are made from raw materials that do not come from the DRC and its neighboring countries, or from conflict minerals in areas controlled by any armed forces in those countries. Century Iron and Steel Industrial has strengthened its supply chain management to effectively identify and trace the source of raw materials to eliminate the use of conflicting minerals

Important raw materials and related suppliers

As for the main raw materials for the product, the items include steel plates and steel sections(shapes). Among them, the main suppliers of steel plates are China Steel, Hsin-Kuang Steel, Tung Ho Steel, GS Global, Chia the Construction Material; the suppliers of steel sections(shapes) are Ying Fa Metal, Honinco Honex.

Periodic Evaluation Criteria (Standards)