Integrity management

Interest avoidance

  The company has set up the " Guide of Ethical Behavior for Directors", which make the company personnel strictly abide by the principles of Interest avoidance and anti-corruption.
According to the rules of procedure for the board of directors in "Procedures for the Board of Directors of Public Offering Companies", When a board meeting proposal involves director’s voluntary avoidance matters or their own interests that may damage the interests of the company, the directors must recuse themselves and shall not participate in discussions and vote, and also shall not on behalf of other directors to perform voting rights.
  In addition, there are rules for avoiding relevant interests and penalties in the organizational rules, which clearly stipulate that company personnel shall handle business in an objective and efficient manner, and avoid using their positions in the company to obtain improper benefits for related personnel or companies; strictly forbid employees not to use their authority or their position
relationship or news to plot private interests.

Preventing fraud

Dishonest behaviors such as "requesting, contracting, or accepting improper benefits, entertainment from manufacturers or interested parties" have been prohibited by Century Steel for a long time, and those are a part of company culture of Century Group. In addition, the company cannot donate political contributions in accordance with Article 7, Paragraph 1-1 of the Political Contributions Law; in order to obtain or maintain benefits, when engaging in business activities, the company directors, managers, employees, assignees and substantive controllers shall not directly or indirectly provide, promise, request or accept any illegitimate benefits, or make other dishonest behaviors such as violation of integrity, illegality, or breach of  fiduciary duty in accordance with the "Code of Integrity Management".
  The direct or indirect donations to political parties or organizations and individuals involved in political activities shall also comply with the Political Contribution Law and relevant internal operating procedures of the company, and shall not be used to plot commercial interests or trading advantages. In addition to continuing this fine tradition through the inheritance of corporate culture, and also through the relevant organizational rules, management and control mechanisms and employee training to strictly prevent. The fraudulent behavior is responsible for everyone in the company to report to each other, and illegal activities shall be raised in a proper way with specific evidence.
  The company establishes a smooth complaint channel through the whistleblower line, e-mail and the company website reporting system, and the complaints are accepted by the Audit Office. When handling complaints, all complaints are kept confidential. There were 10 cases of complaints received and handled in year of 109, all of which were properly handled by relevant units after careful verification and review. The results of verification were free of major corruption and bribery or other violations of operating regulations.

Complaint Call: (03)473-0201 #215 (Group Audit Office), (03)473-0201 #631 (CWP’s Audit Office), (03)473-0201 #199 (ISO Committee).


At the end of each year, each department shall evaluate the internal control system by itself. After review by the audit office, the self-assessment report of each department shall be submitted to the general manager for approval. In response to environmental changes, the design and implementation of the internal control system are adjusted in time to implement the mechanism of company's self-supervision.

The ways to file a complaint

 Complaint Call: (03)473-0201 #215 (Group Audit Office), (03)473-0201 #631 (CWP’s Audit Office), (03)473-0201 #199 (ISO Committee). Complaint fax: (03)473-0201#215, company complaint mailbox: For reporting fraud, bribe, and cheat.)
  The Audit Office is responsible for complaints about improper matters such as private gain, fraud, harmfulness of company interests, and violation of company regulations. There was 0 case of complaint received and handled in year of 109. If there are any complaint, it shall be handled properly with relevant units after careful verification, in order to establish a probity corporate culture.

Countering improper behavior

  The cases of company's improper behaviors are handled in accordance with the work management rules.

Lobby and entertainment norms

  Unless there is other specified in the anti-corruption manual, the company should reject or return the financial donation to the stakeholders. If the refund is not feasible, it shall be submitted to the General Affairs Office for processing after being checked by the supervisor.

The audit office regularly consolidates lobby cases of Century Group (including the handling situation) and submits to the chairman to review. In the year of 109, the total amount of lobby cases involving subsidiaries of Century Group is 0.

According the regulation, lobby Cases include in audit report and abnormal event improvement tracking report, and the Audit Office report the implementation situation of the lobby cases at the board of directors.