Sustainable Development

Talents are the major driving force that motivate CT to stride forward. In the past, traditional industry always appears to be more vulnerable than high-tech industry in terms of employee development. In order to prevent brain drain and corporate faults, we have been actively promoting company listing and building great business image to attract talents with higher educational backgrounds. Full subsidies were provided to motivate our employees to receive educational training while supervisors of higher ranks were also assisted to receive project management certification. In addition, professional experts were invited over to deliver lectures, so that integration capabilities of each business level and systematic management of different learning approaches can be further improved to enhance our employees’ professional knowledge and technology towards the industry, further creating a new era for the steel industry.

In terms of human resource development, our Chairman Lai, Wenxiang has opened several job opportunities for the inmates from Mingde Minimum-Security Prison, not only to alleviate the overcrowded conditions of the prison, but also to resolve the labor shortage of the factory. Inmates who exhibit great performance during their terms of service will be provided with a chance to work for CT after they are released from the prison. We hope to provide them with a chance to start all over again.

Strictly adhere to the core business belief of integrity and honor, CT is committed to provide all customers with professional services that go beyond their expectations. We are committed to grow with our stakeholders and realize the sustainable business operation of the entire social environment.