Century Iron and Steel Industrial Co.,Ltd is based on respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders, identifying the company's stakeholders, and understanding their reasonable expectations and needs through appropriate communication methods and the participation of stakeholders, and appropriately responding to relevant issues that stakeholders are concerned about, and the division of labor by each department responsible for the communication with stakeholders, and the "ISO Committee" established by the company in May 2020, shall regularly report the results of the annual stakeholder agreement to the board of directors.


 In addition to operating reports and annual reports, the company regularly discloses the company's relevant information on corporate governance, energy and environmental management, and commitment to social participation, and regularly exposes the corporate social responsibility manual as an important communication channel for further disclosure of corporate social responsibility information. Furthermore, the company website promotes the accessibility, transparency, timeliness, completeness, and interactivity of information flow, and collects feedback from all walks of life, as the basis of continuous improvement and improving reader satisfaction.

Identification of stakeholders

The CSR core team of the century refers to the experience of various departments and steel industry, in according with the AA1000SES stakeholder agreement standard, the main stakeholders are identified from the characteristics of dependence, responsibility, influence, multiple views, attention tension, etc., including: employees and collaborators, customers and traders, central and local governments, suppliers and contractors, shareholders, same trade and society (Community and local groups, media reporters and non-governmental organizations and opinion leaders), academic researchers.

Stakeholders of Century Group: Groups or individuals that influence or are affected by Century